JazzOS a community version of Syllable


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Welcome to JazzRus and Jazz, Jazz is essentially a developers version of Syllable Desktop done by the community. With a build environment,source code and documentation provided. What ever your level of experience we hope you might find something for you to try your hand at. Please read the about page for more details.

What is Syllable Desktop?

Syllable Desktop is an operating system optimised for desktop computers.With an easy to use graphical work environment with consistent, simple but powerful interface. Text console emulation is available as extra within the graphical environment. It has high response speed to user input, even under load. With fast start-up (under ten seconds on modern computers) and shut-down (around five seconds). It is based on the AtheOS operating system. It’s modular, multi-user, with memory protectionm, kernel threading and fully automatic hardware detection and redetection when you change hardware. To find out more please go to the Syllable website.


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